The world's most advanced and cutting edge control, automation and communication platforms will help guide your organization down a successful path towards harnessing and utilizing the latest technologies of the 21st century. By combining the expertise of our staff with your specific needs, commercial clients will no longer have to rely on automation products with such a significant (and costly) gap between hardware and software. With our special partnership with MacSpecialist store in Oak Park, Illinois, Premiere offers the mac specialist customers a hands on experience of how a custom intuitive home and office works, all controlled from your apple iPhone or iPad.     

Premiere offers the following reliable and scalable commercial solutions for your business:

  • Audio Video Control, Switching & Distribution
  • Digital Audio Video Processing/Scaling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Communications & Telephony
  • Networking
  • Digital Signage
  • Lighting Control
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Climate Control
  • Security & Access
  • Remote System Monitoring & Management

Corporate Enterprise

By streamlining the interaction of all technologies within your boardroom, conference area, or executive briefing center, Premiere offers complete control and automation of your business. By covering everything from intelligent lighting, climate, shades, privacy glass, audio/video equipment, and multi-media presentation material, to helming a video conference, Premiere creates a simple, productive and efficient work environment. We’ll even ensure building-wide safety and reduce energy costs by installing a reliable and scalable platform to remotely monitor and manage all the environmental and security subsystems throughout your facility.


Bring environmental controls, remote touch screen technology, and enterprise class networking solutions to your classroom or campus. Our systems support a wide range of applications. From complete campus control, emergency alert notification, and messaging, to in-classroom lecture capture, interactive whiteboards, and basic management of multi-media presentation material, audio, video, intelligent lighting controls, shades, and temperature-Premiere’s education solutions help create a powerful learning experience.

Luxury Transportation

Add smart remote controls and distributed iTunes media to yachts, jets, RVs, and other luxury vehicles. Retain the same level of control and entertainment you receive from a fully automated home system while cruising the high seas on your yacht or touring the country in your luxurious motor coach. We can create the perfect travel experience through the water, in the air and on the road with one-touch intelligent lighting, temperature, shade and media control from fully customized touch screens, smart remotes and keypads.

Miles away and forgot to activate your home’s security system or to turn off all interior lights to conserve energy— accomplish these tasks and more using Savant's TrueControl™ iPad® remote App which also supports iPhone® and iPod touch® or the Control4 MyHome App for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android.

Hotels & Hospitality

Premiere Systems puts you in complete command of security and camera surveillance, hotel architectural lighting, restaurant temperature and climate— plus the digital signage and distributed AV in sports bars and nightclubs. And, we do it all with integrated AV control systems. From onsite or remotely, monitor and manage energy consumption through green technology, run system diagnostics and schedule facility maintenance. Our systems tightly integrate with motion and occupancy sensors to turn-off or lower intelligent lighting and temperature settings in unoccupied rooms or building zones.

Penthouse suites or VIP rooms can be equipped to offer guests a personal and convenient entertainment experience.  By simply plugging in their iPod® or iPhone® into Savant’s in-wall and tabletop Media Docks, guests can instantly access and play their entire personal music or video iTunes® collection throughout the space, getting the familiar experience of a smart home environment.


Create the ultimate shopping experience with attractive touch screens and smart remote controls, or Apple’s iPad® and iPod touch®—activate elegant storefront intelligent lighting scenes based on time of day or day of year—set a comfortable temperature, stream easy listening music, display important store and product information with interactive digital signage, and more. With our green technology, property managers can remotely manage the security,  climate, lighting, and audio/video subsystems with ease.

Assisted Living

Premiere can take control of everything from an entire assisted living community down to a gathering room, providing single-room or central  intelligent lighting, climate control, content delivery, and more. From digital signage notifying residents of upcoming events to seamless control over movie night to firing up the latest Wii tournament— we can provide a solution that is powerful, intuitive and easy to use.