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Design Solutions

Technology and Aesthetics. There was a time when these two topics were mutually exclusive, but no longer. We work with some of the best designers, architects and builders in the business to create visually stunning spaces. Creating the proper aesthetic starts early in the process. Our detailed CAD drawings help visualize the desired end result to help avoid surprises during the construction or retrofit phase of the project. This allows all partners to review and approve locations and make the necessary recommendations or changes that are approved by the homeowner.

Design Selections

Individual and Custom

When the time comes to actually choose products that will blend within a home’s environment, the decisions go far beyond picking the right size flat-panel display. Fabric samples for shades, trim plate colors for outlets and lighting keypads, hidden speakers, TV’s hidden within mirrors, invisible speakers, and a myriad of other options are available. We provide the resources to design your environment with your own individual style.

Custom design your electrical outlets to match the interior design.
These Trufig outlets, along with switches gives a cleaner and consistant look to your room.

Finding the right place for a large TV can be challenging.

However we found clever solutions to rotate and hide the large TV.

Your designer does not need to compromise to put a TV in the bathroom, they can be hidden behind a mirror.

When the TV is off, no one will be able to tell that
there is a TV behind the mirror.

Do not block a beautiful view with a TV.

A lift can conceal your TV when it is not in use.

We work closely with designers and millworkers to create
stunning pieces to hide technology.

Function and form can work in harmony when
attention is paid to the details.

We have put a tall equipment rack in this area, can you find it?

Here it is in the door frame. We try to use architectural
elements to conceal technology.