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Our intelligent control technology monitors and reduces energy consumption to save money. Let Premiere Systems implement an energy efficient plan for your residence so you can enjoy these benefits without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

While anyone can use a control system to help them conserve energy, our systems can allow you to directly measure the amount of energy your home is using by directly communicating with the electrical circuits of you home. Consumers can reduce energy use and costs by controlling how and when specific devices in the home use power—particularly during peak pricing or load periods, and in a way that fits with their lifestyle and priorities.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Program your lighting, shades and thermostat to adjust based on the seasons, time of day or outside temperature
  • Control your thermostat from your iPad, iPhone or Android device
  • Use motion sensors to turn lights off automatically when rooms are unoccupied
  • Program your pool and sprinkler systems to source water only during energy-efficient windows
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