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Everything Premiere installs requires electricity. For every project we are involved in we encounter electrical needs that cannot always be anticipated due to changes in scope or design. Every A/V integrator runs into these problems – but are they licensed to solve them? We have developed our electrical division to resolve these issues quickly and legally. Working with an A/V integrator that is a licensed & insured electrical contractor like Premiere Systems provides seamless coordination of electrical and low voltage requirements for your entire project.

Whether it’s relocating an outlet because your cabinet dimensions have changed or you have complex electrical needs for your home or business, Premiere will design and deliver a full electrical sub-system that meets all code requirements.

  • Licensed & Insured Contractor
  • In-house electricians
  • Competitive Rates
  • In-field electrical supervisor with 16 years of experience
  • Seamless coordination between low voltage and AV integration
  • One contractor to accomplish the job of three (AV, low voltage, electrical)
  • Load schedule – Lighting loads - accurately details
  • Lighting control specialists

Premiere Security, LLC carries an Illinois Alarm Agency License 127.001532

Tom Crambes, Project Manager, Chicago Supervising Electrical License Number ECC94435-2